Change System Time Zone

If you cannot change the time zone of your server, you can force jelly to use a given time zone for formatting time stamps.

You need to start your Jenkins with the following java system property:

java -Dorg.apache.commons.jelly.tags.fmt.timeZone=TZ ...

where TZ is a java.util.TimeZone ID ("Europe/Paris" for example).

Note that user.timezone=Europe/Paris will work as well, but it can interfere with other contexts.

If running Jenkins via a system package, this can be accomplished by setting JAVA_ARGS in your /etc/default/jenkins (Debian and Ubuntu):


or /etc/sysconfig/jenkins (Red Hat, CentOS, Amazon Linux, Oracle Linux):


or, if that doesn’t work:


On FreeBSD, the file to edit is /etc/rc.conf, and the option to use is:


On windows, edit %INSTALL_PATH%/jenkins/jenkins.xml. Put -Dargs before -jar:

<arguments>-Xrs -Xmx256m -Duser.timezone="Europe/Minsk" -Dhudson.lifecycle=hudson.lifecycle.WindowsServiceLifecycle -jar "%BASE%\jenkins.war" --httpPort=8080</arguments>

You can also set it from the Jenkins Script Console on a live system without the need for a restart. This can also be included in a Post-initialization script to make it permanent.

System.setProperty('org.apache.commons.jelly.tags.fmt.timeZone', 'America/New_York')

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