Troubleshooting crowdin issues

This guide covers a few troubleshooting questions.

For translators

I can see already translated strings only

If you are in the "Crowdsourcing" view of the editor, you can select, which strings Crowdin should display. On the left side, in the upper right corner of the source list box, you can select which strings you want to see.

Crowdin translation UI

My language covers non Latin-1 characters, do I need to escape them?

No, Crowdin takes care of it when proposing a pull request on GitHub. You can use the regular letters of your language.

For proofreaders

Is my decision final?

No, you can always unapprove and reapprove strings, if translators are addressing changes

For project maintainers

My languages do not appear in my crowdin project

The default workflow runs once every 24 hours. To sync your project manually, you can trigger the workflow on GitHub by hand.

If there is a configuration issue, take a look at the workflow log. The crowdin action highlights issues like a wrong PAT, path to the source files, etc.

If you need additional help to set up your project, you are welcome to ask on the community forums or on gitter.