How to proofread translation suggestions

This guide provides information for project maintainers and proofreaders, how to review translation suggestions through the crowdin web interface.

The proofreading process

Project maintainers or people with elevated proofreading permissions on a project, need to look over suggested strings by translators first and approve them, in order to have them available as pull request on GitHub.

proofread tab

A click on "Crowdsourcing" opens a sidebar on the left, where you can switch between "Crowdsourcing" and "Proofreading".

proofread panel

Approving strings

Let’s break down how to use the proofreading view.

proofread gui

On the left part, you can see a table with two columns, "String" and "Translate: German". The "String" column lists the source string, as it is used in the plugin’s source files and how it is shown to the translators in the "Crowdsourcing" view. The "Translation: German" table shows a proposed translation in German.

If you think the translation proposal is appropriate, you can click on the tick on the right side to accept a string.

If more work is needed, or you disagree with a proposal, you can either address the concerns yourself in the proofreading tab or leave a comment.

Once all strings in a file have been approved, the translation lands as pull request on GitHub within the next 24 hours. Considering you have already reviewed the strings on crowdin, you don’t need to review them on GitHub again.