This section is a work in progress. Want to help? Check out the jenkinsci/docs gitter channel. For other ways to contribute to the Jenkins project, see this page about participating and contributing.

This section provides a high level overview of the Jenkins architecture.

The audience is Java developers familiar with Jenkins (as users) who want to understand how Jenkins works internally.

Dataflow diagram

This dataflow represents Jenkins as a "box". The goal is to have a view of network flow that goes in and out.

This diagram is a high level view centered on Jenkins core.

Please note that:

  • some plugins such as the LDAP plugin can contribute to add new network flow.

  • All port numbers can be changed by configuration. The port in the diagram is the default port

  • Jenkins can be configured to use TLS (HTTPS)

  • It’s not mandatory to have all agent types, there is one instance of each agent to illustrate communication types

jenkins dataflow

The source of this diagram is on github, to be opened with