There are many Jenkins-related events happening around the world: meetups, conferences, contributor summits, etc. You are welcome to join any of these events and meet other Jenkins contributors and users there.

We publish events on the Events page and in our event calendar, but not all events are listed there. Below you can find links to some of Jenkins-related events you can attend.

Online events

Organizing events

There are many community events, and we are always looking for more organizers!

Events we organize

Our events include Jenkins Area Meetup, Continuous Delivery Foundation CI/CD Meetups, and contributor summits. We also participate in conferences like FOSDEM or cdCon, and we commonly have a booth and multiple sessions at these events. There are also many outreach and mentorship programs we organize.

How to help

You could help with any event! If you are interested in organizing an event, please reach out to the Advocacy and Outreach SIG. You can also find an introductory presentation here

Jenkins Contributor Summit, 2018:
Jenkins Contributor Summit

Jenkins World | DevOps World, 2019:
Jenkins World 2019 Jenkins World 2019 - Ask the experts

Tolouse Jenkins Area Meetup 2017:
Tolouse JAM 2017