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The GSoC 2024 contributor application has ended. What happens next?

Kris Stern
Kris Stern
April 4, 2024

Jenkins GSoC

The Google Summer of Code 2024 contributor application period has ended and we are excited to have received over 75 valid applications from potential contributors, interested in contributing to Jenkins via this program. We are grateful to all the students who applied and look forward to reviewing their applications over the next few weeks.

Between March 18, 2024, when the contributor application period opened, and the end of the application period on April 2, 2024, the Jenkins project has been busy fielding candidate questions about the program, as well as reviewing some 40-odd draft proposals for GSoC hopefuls who have expressed interest in applying for the program.

While we cannot share every detail about the ranking process, we can share some insights into the process in general. Normally, all potential mentors are invited to grade each of the submitted proposals on a scale of one to five, with one being a strong rejection and five being a strong acceptance. The Jenkins GSoC org admins then take the average of all the scores for each proposal and use that to rank the proposals. The top ranked proposals are then nominated by Jenkins to Google for further consideration. There might be some slight variations in this process, in that we also consider how applicants interact with each other during the application period and beyond, as well as how they engage with the Jenkins community in general. Ultimately, the ideal applicant would be someone with an excellent proposal, usually one with a global grade of between four and five, who has shown a willingness to engage with the Jenkins community, and who has shown a willingness to learn and grow as a contributor. Essentially, we would like to select the proposals that will have a high likelihood of succeeding.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all applicants who have expressed an interest in applying for GSoC 2024 with Jenkins this year. Your contributions to the project are invaluable and have enhanced the community in many ways. We are looking forward to reviewing your proposals and working with the selected contributors over the summer.

We would also like to thank all the mentors who have volunteered to help with the program this year. We are grateful for your time and dedication to the Jenkins project. We are also grateful to the Jenkins community for their support and encouragement of the program.

About the author

Kris Stern

Kris Stern

Kris has been helping out with Jenkins' GSoC participation organization since 2022 and has volunteered to be a GSoC project mentor. She has participated in GSoC twice as a contributor/student previously in 2019 and 2020, and has been trained academically as an astrophysicist with a PhD in the discipline of observational astronomy obtained from the University of Hong Kong in 2021. Professionally, Kris works in the IT sector as a software engineer. She has work experiences in Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS/Sass, JQuery, SQL, and has completed projects in software development in general and specifically in artificial intelligence/deep learning/computer vision, Qt programming, and web development. Kris is passionate about open-source and would like to share this passion with fellow learners. Currently, Kris is a part-time MCIT Online student at UPenn.