Outreach programs

This page list the current community programs, and the programs we’re interested in.

Current Programs

The Jenkins community participates in the following programs:

Google Summer of Code

Jenkins GSoC

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual, international, program which encourages college-aged students to participate with open source projects during the summer break between classes.

Students accepted into the program receive a stipend, paid by Google, to work well-defined projects to improve or enhance the Jenkins project. In exchange, numerous Jenkins community members volunteer as "mentors" for students to help integrate them into the open source community and succeed in completing their summer projects.

For more information, see our GSoC project page.

To contact us regarding this program, send us a message on the GSoC mailing list or contact us on the GSoC Gitter channel.



Outreachy provides paid, remote, three-month internships. Outreachy’s goal is to support diversity in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

To contact us regarding this program, send us a message on the Outreachy Gitter channel.



Hacktoberfest is a month long celebration of open source software. Its mission is to give back to the open source community.

See the our Hacktoberfest page for more information.

Community Bridge

In 2019 we have started evaluation of the Community Bridge portal provided by Linux Foundation. This website provides ways to run internship programs and to fund them, and we would like to use it to run projects outside of the Google Summer of Code timeframe. You can find the Jenkins project page here.

Our first project on Community Bridge is Developer Tools for Jenkins Configuration-as-Code (Aug-Nov 2019). We are interested in onboarding more projects, and we invite Jenkins contributors and potential metnees to reach out to us.

To contact us regarding this program, send us a message on the Advocacy and Outreach Gitter channel.

Potential programs

The Jenkins community has expressed interest in participating in the following programs.

Google Season of Docs

Google Season of Docs

The Google Season of Docs program brings together open source and technical writers communities for the benefit of both. The program raises awareness of open source, of docs, and of technical writing.

The Jenkins organization in 2020 had been been accepted to this program. Please see the documentation SIG page for more information and contacts.