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2024 Jenkins Contributor Summit - Update

Jean-Marc Meessen
Jean-Marc Meessen
January 17, 2024

The Jenkins Contributor Summit, being held in Brussels on February 2nd, is now quickly approaching. We are looking forward to meeting you.

If you plan to join us and didn’t let us know yet, don’t forget to register by dropping us a note. The list of registered attendees can be found in this document: Contributor Summit 24 - Attendees.

The Summit will take place at Betacowork, located at 4 Rue des Pères Blancs, 1040 Brussels, Belgium (Betacowork on Google Maps) in the "AZZAR" room.

The following list provides a quick overview of the day’s planning:

  • We will welcome attendees from 9h30 (9:30 AM) on.

  • The Summit will start at 10h00 (10:00 AM).

  • During the morning, we will listen to the introduction presented by the various Jenkins Officers. Each one will present, for their domain of responsibility, the year’s projects and goals, the challenges, as well as the topics that could/should be discussed during the Summit.

  • At 12h00 (12:00 PM) we will have a one hour lunch break, where people can go grab some food (sandwiches) at a nearby shop.

  • At 13h00 (1:00 PM), we start the afternoon sessions and discussions:

    • Changes made to Jenkins to support the new CloudBees high availability solution (Vincent L.)

    • Impact and challenges of removing Blue Ocean of the base Jenkins distribution (Alexander B. & Damien D.)

    • User experience evolution

    • Initiatives and roadmap discussion (as built during the morning sessions).

This will lead us to 16h30/17h00 (4:30/5:00 PM) for the end of the presentations and discussions.

Until 18h30 (6:30 PM), we will have one or several (concurrent) coding “workshops”/discussions/demonstrations (still to be discussed and organized with Basil Crow). People not interested in these sessions can either network or head to their respective hotels for a quick break.

At 18h30 (6:30 PM), we will head for the restaurant (“Restaurant Rubens”, Rue de l’Escadron 21, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium) that is a 12 minute walk from the co-work. At 19h00 (7:00 PM) we will have dinner.

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