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Jenkins World Contributor Summit and Ask the Expert booth

Marky Jackson
Marky Jackson
August 25, 2019

Jenkins turns 15 years old! Jenkins World brings together DevOps thought leaders, IT executives, continuous delivery practitioners and the Jenkins community and ecosystem in one global event, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn, explore, network face-to-face and help shape the next evolution of Jenkins development and solutions for DevOps.

There is also the Jenkins Contributor Summit in San Francisco. The Jenkins Contributor Summit is the place where current and future contributors get together to discuss, learn and collaborate on the latest and greatest efforts within Jenkins project. The morning portion of the summit is a mix of presentations by the core contributors. The presentations highlight what each effort is about and what community members can do to help. In the afternoon breakout sessions with Birds of a Feather tables for in-depth discussion, and collaboration with sub-project contributors.

I feel very honored to have been a part of this.

Jenkins World 2019

Day 1

Day one started with the contributor summit. This was a chance for everyone to get together and talk about contributions and put faces to names. Most people I had only met via video chat or on gitter so I was super excited. We gathered to hear about the start of the Jenkins open source landscape.

Contributor Summit Agenda

Next up was the BoF/Unconference. I was leading these sessions and I felt they went really well. We had fellow org admins Martin d’Anjou and Jeff Pearce give a talk about Google Summer of Code projects.


Google Summer of Code student Natasha Stopa presented her project, Plugin Installation Manager Library/CLI Tool. This is a super cool project and very well received in the community.

GSOC Student

We closed out the session with a presentation from Steven Terrana from Booz Allen Hamilton and the awesome Jenkins Templating Engine. If you have not had a chance to try this, please make sure you do at

Community Plugin

Main Expo Hall

Day two and onward saw me and other Jenkins org admins in the Ask the Expert booth for the Jenkins community.

Jenkins World 2019

This was a really cool experience and gave me a chance to hear about things the community is working on and help with issues they are facing. There were a range of questions from Jenkins X to many of the plugins I maintain such and the Jenkins Prometheus and the Sysdig Secure Scanning plugins. There were also a lot of Kubernetes questions. There is a lot of marketing data regarding the increased usage of Kubernetes but I was seriously surprised by the massive interest in Jenkins on Kubernetes. Of course there were opportunities for selfie requests.

Community Booth

Lunch time demos got underway and we had a busy schedule. First up was the awesome Mark Waite to talk about the Git plugin. A lot of people use git in Jenkins. Thank you so much for all that you do Mark.

Lunch Time Demo - Mark Waite

Jenkins org admin Martin d’Anjou was next on deck to talk about the Google Summer of Code. So amazing to think that the Google Summer of Code is also in its 15th year like Jenkins!

Lunch Time Demo - Martin d’Anjou

Natasha Stopa is a Google Summer of Code student and she presented her project Plugin Installation Manager Library/CLI Tool. Natasha really put a lot of hard work in to this plugin and it was really awesome to see the turn out and support during her presentation.

Lunch Time Demo - Natasha Stopa

Finally there was me. I presented the Sysdig Secure Scanning Jenkins plugin which I am a maintainer of. I thank everyone who attended

Lunch Time Demo - Marky Jackson

Right after the lunch time demos I also oversaw the Jenkins open space. This was an opportunity for the community to talk about items and let them flow organically. I really enjoyed this session and felt it was also well received.

Jenkins Open Space

We closed out the day and the event with a picture of some of the Jenkins org admins and Google Summer of Code students. Missing from this photos are fellow org admins, Lloyd Chang and Oleg Nenashev

Closing Day


This was an amazing experience. Huge thanks to CloudBees, the Jenkins community, Google Summer of Code, Tracy Miranda, Alyssa Tong and my employer Sysdig.

To think Jenkins is 15 years old is amazing! There has been so much accomplished and the future is so bright. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve and be a part of the open source community. Here’s to 15 more years all!

Visit the special interest group page if you are interested in joining any one of the Jenkins open source special interest groups. We can use your help.

If you are interested in joining the Summer of Code, take a look the project page and chat with us to get in touch. Or if you want to email us, reach out at the mailing lists.

Some photos outtakes:


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