Jenkins Special Interest Groups

This page lists active Jenkins Special Interest Groups (SIGs). See JEP-4 for more information about SiGs and the process for creating new ones.

Advocacy and Outreach

This special interest group offers a venue for discussions around advocacy and outreach in the Jenkins community. Topics covered in this sig may include, events, processes, how to attract new people to the Jenkins project, and how to make the Jenkins community an open and inclusive organization that people want to be part of.

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This special interest group improves Jenkins use and adoption through documentation. The SIG encourages, creates, and reviews documentation contributions and improves documentation with contributors and external communities.

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Google Summer of Code

This special interest group organizes Google Summer of Code program within the Jenkins organization. The scope of work includes coordinating GSoC activities and working with potentials mentors and contributors in order to form GSoC project teams.

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This special interest group offers a venue for all kinds of platform support discussions: Java, Operating Systems, Architectures, Docker, Packaging, Web Containers, etc. The SIG works on defining platform support policies, coordinating platform support efforts with contributors and external communities, and reviewing proposals in the area.

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User Experience

The User Experience SIG focuses on improving the Jenkins' user interface and user experience. The SIG seeks regular feedback from the community on the current UI and UX and new designs proposed by SIG members and others. We will discuss alternatives, identify compromises, and test implementations to improve the Jenkins UI / UX.

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