Marky Jackson

Hi. I’m Marky. I am an open-source enthusiast who is a lover of family, friends, and a true believer in you. I am a senior software engineer at Equinix Metal working on site reliability and the open-source Tinkerbell project. I am on the Jenkins Goverence Board as well as the Jenkins Events Officer, I am a Kubernetes Org member, a Kubernetes Release Manager Associate, a Continuous Delivery Foundation Ambassador, a Jenkins core contributor, a Jenkins Google Summer of Code org admin and mentor, a Google Summer of Docs org admin and mentor, and help with software development and community management on the Ortelius Project. I have had profiles in the CNCF and other mediums. I also like publicly speaking and often write blogs on technical topics. Finally, I get great joy out of mentoring and am a mentoring lead within the Kubernetes project as well as a Kubernetes Outreachy coordinator for the Kubernetes project. I love making people smile and believe in the power of open source. You can find me on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and most open-source communication mediums as markyjackson. Please do not hesitate to reach out and say hi.