Upgrading to Jenkins LTS 2.387.x

Each section covers the upgrade from the previous LTS release, the section on 2.387.1 covers the upgrade from 2.375.4.

Upgrading to Jenkins 2.387.3

XStream2 unable to round-trip ASCII NUL

Jenkins has switched from using KXm12Driver to StandardStaxDriver. Due to this change, Jenkins XML files can no longer save text content with the ASCII NUL character (U+0000). In particular, if you are using the JUnit plugin to publish test results, be sure to update it to the latest version to avoid problems with new builds. Test results published with older versions of the plugin will remain unreadable.

If you experience this issue with any other plugins, raise a bug report within the plugin repository.

Upgrading to Jenkins 2.387.2

Repository Signing Key Update

Beginning with Jenkins LTS release 2.387.2, stable repositories will be signed with the same GPG keys that sign the weekly repositories. Administrators of Linux systems must install the new signing keys on their Linux servers before installing Jenkins 2.387.2.


Update Debian compatible operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.) with the command:

curl -fsSL https://pkg.jenkins.io/debian-stable/jenkins.io-2023.key | sudo tee \
  /usr/share/keyrings/jenkins-keyring.asc > /dev/null
echo deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/jenkins-keyring.asc] \
  https://pkg.jenkins.io/debian-stable binary/ | sudo tee \
  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jenkins.list > /dev/null
Red Hat/CentOS

Update Red Hat compatible operating systems (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Oracle Linux, Scientific Linux, etc.) with the command:

Red Hat/CentOS
sudo rpm --import https://pkg.jenkins.io/redhat-stable/jenkins.io-2023.key

See the blog post for more details.

Upgrading to Jenkins 2.387.1

De-duplicate logging implementations

Support for log rotation via SIGALRM has been removed. The command-line argument --daemon has been removed. Users of the official Jenkins OS packages, which rely on the copytruncate option, are not affected. Users of the --logfile argument who have their own logrotate configuration should ensure they are using the copytruncate option rather than relying on SIGALRM.

Set a default file size rotation of AsyncPeriodicWork/AsyncAperiodicWork

Periodic task log files are now rotated based on the file size, with a default size of 10 MB. Previously, they were not rotated based on the file size. To revert to the previous behavior and disable the file size rotation, the system properties hudson.model.AsyncAperiodicWork.logRotateSize=-1 and hudson.model.AsyncPeriodicWork.logRotateSize=-1 can be used.

Upgrade required Remoting version from 4.2.1 to 4.7

The minimum required Remoting version has been increased to 4.7, which released on February 16, 2021. When an agent with a Remoting version older than 4.7 connects to the Jenkins controller, the agent connection is rejected. Ensure that all agents are running a recent version of Remoting prior to upgrading. Agents with unsupported Remoting versions can be allowed to connect to the controller by setting the hudson.slaves.SlaveComputer.allowUnsupportedRemotingVersions system property to true.