The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

Worksoft Execution Manager Plugin

execMan: Run Execution Manager Request

  • requestType : String (optional)
  • altEMConfig (optional)
    Optional alternative Execution Manager configuration. If provided, these parameters override those specified in Jenkins global configuration.
      Nested Object
    • url : String
    • credentials : String
  • bookmark (optional)
    Select this to run a predefined bookmark configured on the Execution Manager via the Management Studio.
      Nested Object
    • name : String
    • folder : String (optional)
  • execParams (optional)
    Optional execution request parameters. Both a key and value must be specified. The value can refer to Jenkins environment variables using this syntax - ${JENKINS_ENV_VAR}. For example - ${BUILD_ID}.
      Nested Object
    • list (optional)
        Array / List of Nested Object
      • key : String
      • value : String
  • postExecute (optional)
    Optional post execution action. To perform any post action, provide action name along with the need parameters.
      Nested Object
    • action : String
    • params : String
  • processList (optional)
    Select this to execute a list of Certify processes without creating a request or bookmark first.
      Nested Object
    • database : String
      Alias name of the Certify connection saved in Management Studio > Configuration > Certify Configuration.
    • project : String
      Certify project where processes reside.
    • processes
      List of the fully qualified path to each process.
        Array / List of Nested Object
      • processPath : String
    • folder : String
      Folder where Certify Results will be saved. If not specified, results go to the root results folder.
    • requestName : String
      Name given to the request execution.
  • request (optional)
    Select this to run a predefined request configured on the Execution Manager.
      Nested Object
    • name : String
  • waitConfig (optional)
    Optional execution request wait configuration. Both the polling interval and maximum run time must be specified in seconds.
      Nested Object
    • pollInterval : String
    • maxRunTime : String

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