The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

Text Finder

findText: Search files or the console log for regular expression(s)

  • alsoCheckConsoleOutput : boolean (optional)
  • buildResult : String (optional)
  • fileSet : String (optional)
  • notBuiltIfFound : boolean (optional)
  • regexp : String (optional)
  • succeedIfFound : boolean (optional)
  • textFinders (optional)
      Array / List of Nested Object
    • regexp : String
      Specify a regular expression using the syntax supported by the Java Pattern class.
    • alsoCheckConsoleOutput : boolean (optional)
    • buildResult : String (optional)
      Based on the change condition, the build result will be set to this value. Note that the build result can only get worse, so you cannot change the result to SUCCESS if the current result is UNSTABLE or worse. Use SUCCESS to keep the build result from being set.
    • changeCondition (optional)
      If the change condition is MATCH_FOUND, then the build result will be set if a match is found. If the change condition is MATCH_NOT_FOUND, then the build result will be set if a match is not found.
    • fileSet : String (optional)
      Specify the path to the files to search, relative to the workspace root. This can use wildcards like logs/**/*/*.txt. See the documentation for the @includes attribute of the Ant FileSet type for details. Leave this empty if you do not want to scan any files (usually combined with checking Also search the console output).
  • unstableIfFound : boolean (optional)

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