The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

Test Results Aggregator Plugin

testResultsAggregator: Aggregate Test Results

  • jobs
      Array / List of Nested Object
    • groupName : String (optional)
    • jobFriendlyName : String (optional)
    • jobName : String (optional)
  • influxdbUrl : String
  • influxdbToken : String
  • influxdbBucket : String
  • influxdbOrg : String
  • subject : String (optional)
    Mail Subject prefix. Supports also job & env variables.
  • recipientsList : String (optional)
    Comma separated recipients list , ex :,
    If empty or blank no email will be triggered. Supports also job variables.
  • recipientsListCC : String (optional)
  • recipientsListBCC : String (optional)
  • recipientsListIgnored : String (optional)
  • outOfDateResults : String (optional)
    Completed Jenkins Jobs with results more than X hours ago will be marked with 'red' color under 'Last Run' column report.
    Otherwise if blank or empty then column 'Last Run' will just have the timestamp of job completion.
  • data (optional)
      Array / List of Nested Object
    • groupName : String (optional)
    • jobs (optional)
        Array / List of Nested Object
      • jobFriendlyName : String (optional)
      • jobName : String (optional)
    • reportGroup (optional)
      • Type: class
  • beforebody : String (optional)
    Text Before mail body. Static text or HTML code. Supports also job & env variables , for example ${WORKSPACE} or ${myVariable}
  • afterbody : String (optional)
    Text Before mail body. Static text or HTML code. Supports also job & env variables , for example ${WORKSPACE} or ${myVariable}
  • theme : String (optional)
    Mail theme
  • sortresults : String (optional)
    Sort Results using one of the following available options. If there are Groups then sorting refers to jobs inside a group.
  • columns : String (optional)
    Specify HTML & email report columns and the order of them, comma separated.
    Column Group/Team is standard if at least one group has been configured.
    Other possible column values are :
    Health, Job, Status, Percentage, Total, Pass, Fail, Skip, Commits, LastRun, Duration, Description, Packages, Files, Classes, Methods, Lines, Conditions, Sonar, Build
  • compareWithPreviousRun : boolean (optional)
    Compare with previous run. Default its true.
  • ignoreNotFoundJobs : boolean (optional)
    Ignore not found jobs from report.
  • ignoreDisabledJobs : boolean (optional)
    Ignore Disabled jobs from report.
  • ignoreAbortedJobs : boolean (optional)
    Ignore Aborted jobs from report.
  • ignoreRunningJobs : boolean (optional)
    Ignore Running jobs from report.
    If false then jobs are reported with status RUNNING
    If true then jobs are reported with the previous status and results. Moreover an asterisk at the side of status declares that the job is still running.

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