The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

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Team Concert Git Plugin

step([$class: 'RTCGitBuilder']): Rational Team Concert(RTC) integration for Git

  • serverURI : String

    The Jazz Repository connection URI for the Rational Team Concert (RTC) server

  • credentialsId : String

    Credentials to use for the build user. A user name and password credential for the Jazz Repository should be configured.

  • annotateChangeLog : boolean

    Optionally hyperlink bug numbers that appear in git commit descriptions as links to Rational Team Concert Work Items.

  • buildDefinition : String (optional)

    The ID of the Hudson/Jenkins build definition within the Rational Team Concert (RTC) server. The build definition should not have any Source Control option.

  • jenkinsRootURI : String (optional)
  • jenkinsRootURIOverride : boolean (optional)

    Optionally specify the HTTP address of the Jenkins installation, such as http://yourhost.yourdomain/jenkins/. This is necessary because the Rational Team Concert Git plugin cannot reliably detect such a URL from within itself.

  • timeout : int (optional)

    The timeout period in seconds for Jazz repository requests made during the build.

  • trackBuildWorkItem : String (optional)

    Specify an Id of a Work Item in Rational Team Concert. The Work Item will be updated with the execution status of the Jenkins build.

  • useBuildDefinition : boolean (optional)
  • useTrackBuildWorkItem : boolean (optional)
  • useWorkItems : boolean (optional)
  • workItemUpdateType : String (optional)

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