The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

Synopsys Security Scan

synopsys_scan: Synopsys Security Scan

  • bitbucket_token : String (optional)
  • blackduck_automation_prcomment : boolean (optional)
    Add automatic pull request comment based on Black Duck scan result. Supported values: true or false
  • blackduck_download_url : String (optional)
    Specify Black Duck download URL
  • blackduck_install_directory : String (optional)
  • blackduck_scan_failure_severities : String (optional)
    Specify scan failure severities of Black Duck. Supported values: ALL, NONE, BLOCKER, CRITICAL, MAJOR, MINOR, OK, TRIVIAL, UNSPECIFIED
  • blackduck_scan_full : boolean (optional)
    Specifies whether full scan is required or not. Supported values: true or false
  • blackduck_token : String (optional)
  • blackduck_url : String (optional)
  • coverity_automation_prcomment : boolean (optional)
    Coverity security testing as pull request comment. Supported values: true or false
  • coverity_install_directory : String (optional)
  • coverity_local : boolean (optional)
    Coverity Local Analysis. Supported values: true or false
  • coverity_passphrase : String (optional)
  • coverity_policy_view : String (optional)
    ID number/Name of a saved view to apply as a 'break the build' policy
  • coverity_project_name : String (optional)
    Project name in Coverity
  • coverity_stream_name : String (optional)
    Stream name in Coverity
  • coverity_url : String (optional)
  • coverity_user : String (optional)
  • coverity_version : String (optional)
    Specific Coverity version to download, rather than opting for the latest version
  • include_diagnostics : boolean (optional)
    Bridge diagnostics will be uploaded in Jenkins Archive Artifact. Supported values: true or false
  • network_airgap : boolean (optional)
    Network airgap. Supported values: true or false
  • polaris_access_token : String (optional)
  • polaris_application_name : String (optional)
    Application name created in the Polaris server
  • polaris_assessment_types : String (optional)
    Polaris assessment types. Supported values: SCA or SAST or both SCA, SAST
  • polaris_branch_name : String (optional)
    Branch name in the Polaris Server
  • polaris_project_name : String (optional)
    Project name created in the Polaris server
  • polaris_server_url : String (optional)
  • polaris_triage : String (optional)
  • product : String (optional)
    Please select the synopsys security product. Supported products are Black Duck, Coverity and Polaris
  • synopsys_bridge_download_url : String (optional)
  • synopsys_bridge_download_version : String (optional)
  • synopsys_bridge_install_directory : String (optional)

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