The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

Pipeline: HuaweiCloud Steps

invokeFunction: Invoke a given function

  • functionName : String
  • payload : Object (optional)
  • payloadAsString : String (optional)
  • returnValueAsString : boolean (optional)

obsUpload: Copy file to obs

Upload a file/folder from the workspace to an S3 bucket. If the file parameter denotes a directory, then the complete directory (including all subfolders) will be uploaded. If text is provided, upload the text as the provided filename in the remote S3 bucket.

  • bucket : String
    This is the bucket to use.
  • excludePathPattern : String (optional)
    This is the pattern to use to exclude files Sample : "*.svg"
  • file : String (optional)
    This is the local file to upload from the workspace.
  • includePathPattern : String (optional)
    This is the pattern to use to find files to push to S3 Sample : "dist/**"
  • metadatas : Array / List of String (optional)
    Metadatas to add to push file. Multiple metadatas must be separated with a ';' and name and value separated by a ':'. Sample : "Content-Type:image/svg+xml;Another:AnotherValue"
    • path : String (optional)
      This is the path inside the bucket to use. Do not begin with a leading "/".
    • text : String (optional)
      This is the text to be copied up to S3.
    • workingDir : String (optional)
      Working directories for obsUpload plugin Sample : "dist"

    withOBS: set OBS settings for nested block

    The withOBS step provides authorization for the nested steps. You can provide region. withOBS block.

    • credentials : String (optional)
      Use standard Jenkins UsernamePassword credentials. Note: the username should be your Access Key ID, and the password should be the Secret Access Key.
    • endpointUrl : String (optional)
      The OBS endpoint-url.
    • region : String (optional)
      The OBS region.

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