The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.


  • scmManagerSvn
    • serverUrl : String
      Specify the root URL of the SCM-Manager instance including the context path (such as
    • repository : String
      Select an existing repository from the SCM-Manager instance.
    • id : String (optional)
    • credentialsId : String (optional)
      Select valid credentials for the specified SCM-Manager instance.
    • browser (optional)
        Nested Choice of Objects
      • $class: 'Assembla'
        • spaceName : String
      • $class: 'BacklogRepositoryBrowser'
        • url : String
          Set the project URL of Repository Browser used with this project. Sample of URL are shown below.

          When no value is set, project of "Backlog URL" set above is used.

      • svnPhabricator
        • url : String
        • repo : String
      • $class: 'PolarionRepositoryBrowser'
        • url : String
        • location : String
      • $class: 'RedmineRepositoryBrowser'
        • repositoryId : String
      • $class: 'SVNWeb'
        • url : String
      • $class: 'ScmManagerSvnRepositoryBrowser'
        • repoUrl : String
          Specify the root URL serving this repository (such as
      • $class: 'TeamForge'
        • connectionFactory
            Nested Object
          • url : String

            This should be the URL of your TeamForge site. It should be of the form ''.

          • username : String

            The user who will upload the files.

          • password : String

            The password for the user specified above. If incorrectly given, the login to the TeamForge server will fail.

        • project : String
        • repo : String
      • $class: 'TracRepositoryBrowser'
        • $class: 'ViewVCRepositoryBrowser'
          • url : String
          • location : String
        • $class: 'VisualSVN'
      • excludes : String (optional)
        Optionally specify branches to be excluded from builds using glob expressions.
      • includes : String (optional)
        Specify the branches to be build using glob expressions (like trunk,branches/*,tags/*,sandbox/*).
      • workspaceUpdater (optional)
          Nested Choice of Objects
        • $class: 'CheckoutUpdater'
          • $class: 'NoopUpdater'
            • $class: 'UpdateUpdater'
              • $class: 'UpdateWithCleanUpdater'
                • $class: 'UpdateWithRevertUpdater'

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