The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

NeuVector Vulnerability Scanner Plugin

neuvector: NeuVector Vulnerability Scanner

  • repository : String
    Enter the name of the repository to scan. For private images, enter your login username, image name, and tag in the format: username/image-name:tag. Example: testuser/demo-image:1.2. For public images on Docker Hub, use the format: library/image-name:tag. Example: library/alpine:3.18.
  • registrySelection : String
    Select a registry by its nickname from the drop down menu, or select Local. Registries can be added in the global settings.
  • nameOfVulnerabilityToExemptFour : String (optional)
  • nameOfVulnerabilityToExemptOne : String (optional)
  • nameOfVulnerabilityToExemptThree : String (optional)
  • nameOfVulnerabilityToExemptTwo : String (optional)
  • nameOfVulnerabilityToFailFour : String (optional)
  • nameOfVulnerabilityToFailOne : String (optional)
  • nameOfVulnerabilityToFailThree : String (optional)
  • nameOfVulnerabilityToFailTwo : String (optional)
  • numberOfHighSeverityToFail : String (optional)
    Minimum number of high vulnerabilities to fail the build. Leave blank or zero if not applicable.
  • numberOfMediumSeverityToFail : String (optional)
    Minimum number of medium vulnerabilities to fail the build. Leave blank or zero if not applicable.
  • scanLayers : boolean (optional)
    Check to scan the image layers, and get the number of vulnerabilities for each layer.
  • scanTimeout : int (optional)
    The timeout value in minutes for the local image scan. The default is 10 minutes.
  • standaloneScanner : boolean (optional)
  • tag : String (optional)
    Enter the image tag. The default tag is ‘latest’.

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