The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

JClouds plugin

jcloudsTakeOffline: Take current JClouds agent offline conditionally

This step takes the agent that is running the current job offline, if the job's result is worse than or equal to the specified condition.
  • message : String
    The message to show in the offline cause.
  • condition : String
    Select the worst result that should lead to taking the current agent offline.

withJclouds: Create supplemental nodes

Supplemental nodes are JClouds instances that are temporarily provisioned for the lifetime of this job. Apart from being provisioned and torn down by the JClouds plugin, these instances are not under any control of jenkins. In particular, they do not contribute build agents. They are however subject to the instance cap limitation of the specified JClouds profile. How these instances are used is at the discretion of the build job.

Blocking behavior

If a template with active phone home-flag is specified, the the build will be blocked until the instance(s) have invoked the phone-home webhook (or the phone-home timeout has been reached). Otherwise, the build will commence immediately after launching the instances.
  • instancesToRun
      Array / List of Nested Object
    • cloudName : String
      The cloud from which to run your instances.
    • templateName : String
      The template, from the list of templates configured for the chosen cloud, to use for the instances.
    • manualTemplateName : String
    • count : int
      The number of instances of the chosen template to launch.
    • shouldSuspend : boolean
  • envVarName : String (optional)
    The IP addresses of the instances will be recorded in a comma-separated list, in the environment variable specified here.

    If this is empty or undefined, then the default "JCLOUDS_IPS" will be used.

    This might override a variable, if it is already existing.
  • indexName : String (optional)
    Specify the name of an index variable that will be published in the metadata of the supplemental nodes. The value of this variable is a zero-based counter of supplemental nodes and helps distinguishing the nodes if multiple instances are requested.

    If this is empty or undefined, then the default "JCLOUDS_SUPPLEMENTAL_INDEX" will be used.

    This feature is currently implemented for OpenStack und GCE clouds only.
  • publishMeta : String (optional)
    Specify existing environment variables (separated by whitespace) that will be published as metadata of the supplemental nodes.

    This feature is currently implemented for OpenStack und GCE clouds only.

jcloudsOneOffAgent: JClouds Single-use agent

If enabled and the build agent has beed provisioned by jclouds, then take this agent offline after the build has finished and subsequently delete it when it becomes idle.

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