The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

HipChat Plugin

hipchatSend: Send HipChat Message

Simple step for sending a HipChat message to designated room.
Use the advanced settings to override the HipChat Plugin global configuration to include: HipChat Server, API Token, API Version (1 or 2) and Send As (v1 API only).
Please see the HipChat Plugin global configuration for more details on the fields. Usage Example:
hipchatSend "Build Started - ${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER} (Open)"
  • message : String
    REQUIRED The message body
    Valid length range: 1 - 10000.
    Message may include global variables, for example environment and currentBuild variables:
    hipchatSend "${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER} status: ${currentBuild.result} (Open)"
  • color (optional)
    OPTIONAL Background color for message.
    Defaults to 'GRAY'.
    hipchatSend color: "YELLOW", message: "Build Started: ${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"
  • credentialId : String (optional)
    The credential selected here will be used to send out the notification. If no credential is specified here, the credential selected in the global configuration will be used instead.
    In case a new credential needs to be created, make sure that the newly created credential uses "Secret text" kind.
  • failOnError : boolean (optional)
    If set to true, then the step will abort the Workflow run as a failure if there is an error sending message.
    hipchatSend failOnError: true, message: "Build Started: ${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"
  • icon : String (optional)
    Link to an icon that should be displayed in the notification, when cards are enabled. Defaults to Jenkins logo.
  • notify : boolean (optional)
    OPTIONAL Whether this message should trigger a user notification (change the tab color, play a sound, notify mobile phones, etc). Each recipient's notification preferences are taken into account.
    Defaults to false.
    hipchatSend notify: true, message: "Build Started: ${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"
  • room : String (optional)
    Allows overriding the HipChat Plugin default room.
    hipchatSend room: "room-name", message: "Build Started: ${env.JOB_NAME} ${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"
  • sendAs : String (optional)
    Allows overriding the HipChat Plugin default Send As value (v1 API only).
  • server : String (optional)
    Allows overriding the HipChat Plugin default HipChat Server.
  • textFormat : boolean (optional)
    Enable this setting to send the notification in text format. HTML format is used if this setting is disabled.
  • token : String (optional)
  • v2enabled : boolean (optional)
    Allows overriding the HipChat Plugin default API Version to use - v1 or v2.
    hipchatSend Workflow step defaults to v2 API

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