The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

Google Chat Notification

googlechatnotification: Google Chat Notification

  • url : String
    Single/multiple comma separated HTTPS URLs or/and single/multiple comma separated Credential IDs to send build notifications to Google Chat rooms.
    To use Credential ID as URL identifier configure entire URL as secret in credential. Use id:credential_id as value in URL.
    Different Ways to define:
    3) id:credential_id_for_room1
    4) id:credential_id_for_room1, id:credential_id_for_room2
    5), id:credential_id_for_room2
  • message : String

    Message which is part of chat notification. You can use token macro pre defined variables with custom message.

    NOTE: If format Card is selected, you must provide a JSON string with valid configuration. More info here: Card Formatting Messages.

  • messageFormat : Object (optional)

    Format of the message sent to Google Chat.

    See: Google Chat message formats.

  • notifyAborted : boolean (optional)
  • notifyBackToNormal : boolean (optional)
  • notifyFailure : boolean (optional)
  • notifyNotBuilt : boolean (optional)
  • notifyRegression : boolean (optional)
  • notifyRepeatedFailure : boolean (optional)
  • notifySingleFailure : boolean (optional)
  • notifySuccess : boolean (optional)
  • notifyUnstable : boolean (optional)
  • sameThreadNotification : boolean (optional)

    Defines that all the notifications will be delivered at the same thread for a particular job. If not checked, the default behavior is to create a new thread for each message.

    NOTE: If Message Format is set to card and the provided JSON contains a thread key, this parameter will be ignored.

  • suppressInfoLoggers : boolean (optional)
  • threadKey : String (optional)

    Thread used to send all the generated notification messages. If it's left blank, the default behavior is to use the JOB_NAME as thread key.

    Supports all token macro variables for pipeline as well as build jobs.

    NOTE: This parameter only applies if the Append Notification In Same Thread option is checked. If Message Format is set to card and the provided JSON contains a thread key, this parameter will be ignored.

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