The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

BMC AMI Strobe Measurement Task

strobeMeasurement: BMC AMI Strobe Measurement Task

  • connectionId : String
    Required. This field specifies the host connection to use to submit a measurement.

    Host connections can be configured in the Jenkins system configuration (Manage Jenkins -> Configure System).
  • credentialsId : String
    Required. The available CES secret token to perform Code Pipeline actions for Rest API call.
  • requestType : String
    Required. What type of request you want for the measurement. Select active if the job is currently running or Queued if the job will be running later.
  • jobName : String
    Required. Name of the job you want to measure.
  • body : String (optional)
    The body of the callback. Can leave blank if no body is needed. For example, a JSON body would be entered like { "key1" : "value1", "key2" : "value2", "key3" : "value3", ... "key10" : "value10" } If you would like to receive the completed profile's ID back as part of the json body, set the value of one of your keys to $$$profileId$$$ like {"profileId" : $$$profileId$$$}
  • duration : String (optional)
    Optional. Estimated minimum measurement time in minutes. Acceptable values 1 to 1440.
  • emailto : String (optional)
  • finalAction : String (optional)
    Optional. Controls the measurement session when the final dataset has been completed. The value can be either Quit, Stop, or Continue. See the Strobe User Guide for details. NOLIMIT is created from the limit = 1 and Continue.
  • headers : String (optional)
    The HTTP headers of the callback. Should be colon and semicolon separated like for example, k1:v1;k2:v2;k3:v3
  • hlq : String (optional)
    Optional. High Level Qualifier. DSNAME High level qualifier - Temporary dataset prefix.
  • limit : String (optional)
    Optional. Suspends sampling when the target number of samples is reached. Acceptable values 1 to 99. Must be 1 when using Final Action of Continue.
  • method : String (optional)
    Type of HTTP request to make. POST/GET/PUT/DELETE
  • profileName : String (optional)
    Optional. The name of the profile. It defaults to the job name.
  • samples : String (optional)
    Optional. The target number of samples to take during the measurement session. Acceptable values 1000 to 150000.
  • tags : String (optional)
    Optional. Tags to be assigned to profile
  • transactionId : String (optional)
    Optional. May occur up to 5 times. Used for transaction profiling, the tranids are transaction ID masks used to specify the transactions to be measured. Length is limited to 4 characters. You can use a wildcard character (*) after a string of one or more characters in the Detail by Transaction field to measure transactions that meet the specified search criteria. * For Queue the additional elements are available: step � Optional, program � Optional, stringData � Optional
  • url : String (optional)
    URL for the HTTP request. Leave blank if you do not want to do an HTTP callback.

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