The following plugin provides functionality available through Pipeline-compatible steps. Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the Pipeline Syntax page.

For a list of other such plugins, see the Pipeline Steps Reference page.

AWSEB Deployment Plugin

step([$class: 'AWSEBDeploymentBuilder']): AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  • config
    • Type: class
  • applicationName : String (optional)
    AWS EB Application Name (e.g.: "myapp")
  • awsRegion : String (optional)
    AWS Region (e.g. us-east-1)
  • bucketName : String (optional)

    S3 Bucket Name to Upload to (e.g. "my-awseb-apps")

    (Optional, will call createStorageLocation if blank)

  • checkHealth : boolean (optional)
    Uncheck this to disable the Health check on deploy. Some implementations may not care to wait until the environment shows "Green".
  • credentialId : String (optional)
    Select the credentials to use.
  • environmentName : String (optional)

    Optional: AWS EB Environment name(s) to deploy to.

    Can accept single or multiple comma-separated values. Examples:

    • "my-prod-env" (single environment)
    • "my-dev-env,my-staging-env" (multiple environments)

    When this value is set and each requested environment exists, an UpdateEnvironment call will be triggered as the Application Version is created.

  • excludes : String (optional)
    Optional (if rootObject points to a directory): Glob for Zip Excludes, comma-separated eg '**/.git/**/*,**/node_modules/**/*'
  • includes : String (optional)
    Optional (if rootObject points to a directory): Glob for Zip Includes, comma-separated like 'target/file,target/myapp/**/*'
  • keyPrefix : String (optional)
    Prefix for newly created apps on S3 Bucket. For Example, myapp/builds/myapp-prod-env/
  • maxAttempts : int (optional)
  • rootObject : String (optional)

    Workspace-relative path of the artifact file to upload (if it's a file), or if it's a directory, the base directory to build the zip/war against


    • File, like target/mywebapp.war: The war file will be uploaded
    • A Directory, like '.' or 'target/war': A Zip file will be built and uploaded instead (using includes and excludes).
  • skipEnvironmentUpdates : boolean (optional)
  • sleepTime : int (optional)
  • versionDescriptionFormat : String (optional)
    How to set the version description? For instance, for "${GIT_COMMIT}", the version Description will be 4b5f7669b3376a1ce504bf7ef8bf7aeee9d21746 on AWS EB Application Versions
  • versionLabelFormat : String (optional)
    How to set the version label? For instance, for "${GIT_COMMIT}-${BUILD_TAG}", and with "Key Prefix" set to "myapp/builds/myapp-prod-env/", the S3 Object Key is set to myapp/builds/myapp-prod-env/ and the version Label will be 4b5f7669b3376a1ce504bf7ef8bf7aeee9d21746-myjob-41 on AWS EB Application Versions
  • zeroDowntime : boolean (optional)

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