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Available since Jenkins 2.235.

Selection of Symbols

View the complete list of symbols available to use on GitHub


Jenkins Symbols are an extensive and consistent collection of icons for use in Jenkins and plugins. Symbols are intended to be used everywhere a traditional icon would be used, such as in the sidebar, in buttons and in tables. Symbols are scalable, support different weights and adapt to the user’s theme.


Using Symbols

Using symbols in your view is simple. Use the existing icon component and set the src value to the symbol you want, prefixed with "symbol-".

Jelly example:

<l:icon src="symbol-search" />

Groovy example:

l.icon(src: 'symbol-search')

It’s possible to add alt text and custom classes to symbols, for example:

Jelly example:

<l:icon src="symbol-search" alt="Search" class="custom-class" />

Groovy example:

l.icon(src: 'symbol-search', alt: 'Search', class: 'custom-class')

Custom Symbols

Coming soon

As a plugin developer, you’ll soon be able to add your own symbols for use in your plugin for when there isn’t an appropriate existing symbol to use.