Removing plugins from distribution

In rare cases it might be necessary to remove a plugin or an individual plugin release from distribution on Jenkins project update sites.

Removing Entire Plugins

Some reasons to stop distributing all versions of a plugin might be:

  • The plugin integrates a service with Jenkins, but the service has been shut down.

  • The plugin violates the open source license requirements of the Jenkins project.

Removing Specific Releases

This is the more common case: A specific release of a plugin might introduce severe regressions, and fixing it is complicated and will take time. Or other plugins depend on the API of a given plugin, and its newest release contains accidental binary incompatible changes. Meanwhile, it should not be available to users.

Simple fixes should just be released in a subsequent minor update. Reviewing requests to remove versions from distribution takes time and effort, so make sure to only do this if there’s no simpler solution.
This will only remove versions from distribution on update sites; the corresponding artifacts will still exist in the Maven repository. This means, for example, that the specified version numbers will not be made available for use again.

Filing Requests

To remove plugins from distribution, file a pull request for the Jenkins update center generator and include a detailed explanation for your request. Please follow instructions in that repository’s README.