Extension Points defined in Pipeline: Groovy Plugin


Defines a provider of a global variable offered to flows. Within a given flow execution, the variable is assumed to be a singleton. It is created on demand if the script refers to it by name.

Note: This extension point was designed for a handful of variables defined by generic Pipeline plugins. If you find yourself implementing this in a domain-specific plugin, you are probably doing too much work and harming usability in the process. For example, there will be no Snippetizer integration except to list its name and help text. Variables will also not generally be compatible with Declarative Pipeline, and may not work at all in alternate FlowExecution implementations. It is also all too easy to introduce security vulnerabilities for variables implemented using Groovy code. Just because you can does not mean you should. If at all possible, limit your plugin to implementing plain Step s.

Should have a view named {@code help} offering usage. </p>



Extension point that defines a collection of global variables.



Hook to customize the behaviour of GroovyShell used to run workflow scripts.



Defines which scripts are eligible to be replaced by ReplayAction#run .


A link that will show up on the side panel of the snippet generator and other similar pages. Display order is determined by extension ordinal - highest ordinal first.



Shared cacheSingleton for the StepDescriptors, extension-scoped to avoid test issues


(no known implementations)