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[GSoC] 'Tis the Season to Give the Gift of Mentorship

Alyssa Tong
Alyssa Tong
December 9, 2022

Jenkins GSoC

'Tis the season of gift giving and what better way than to give the gift of mentorship.

Jenkins is a big supporter and contributor of programs like Google Summer of Code (GSoC), She Code Africa, and Outreachy. We believe in the value and advancements in helping new, and in many cases under-represented contributors to the open source. There is also a special 'je ne sais quoi' that comes with giving your time and sharing your knowledge.

During this season of giving, we have opportunities for you to give the gift of mentorship. Jenkins in Google Summer of Code welcomes any Jenkins user interested in making a lifelong impact to new contributors new of open source.

What does mentorship require?

You know enough about the Jenkins code to guide the GSoC contributor on coding.

As a mentor, you will:

  • Allocate 5-8 mentoring hours per week, for 10-22 weeks depending on the size of the project.

  • Provide Jenkins specific code reviews on pull-requests.

  • Review new contributors' proposals and presentations.

  • Complete two (2) evaluation documents from Google.

  • Collaborate with another mentor on the chosen project, ensuring that no one is working alone.

What will you work on?

  • You may choose to be a mentor/co-mentor for any of the listed project ideas. Please note, this list is still evolving.

  • You can also propose a project that is near and dear to your heart.

Additional info:

We look forward to welcoming you as mentors to this rewarding program! Reach out to us on the GSoC SIG Gitter chat.

About the author

Alyssa Tong

Alyssa Tong

Member of the Jenkins Advocacy and Outreach SIG. Alyssa drives and manages Jenkins participation in community events and conferences like FOSDEM, SCaLE, cdCON, and KubeCon. She is also responsible for Marketing & Community Programs at CloudBees, Inc.