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Jenkins Contributor Awards - Nominations Open

Continuous Delivery Foundation
Continuous Delivery Foundation
March 22, 2022

Jenkins Contributor Awards for 2022 will be run by the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) along with many other CDF Community Awards.

The nominations are currently open and are being accepted using GitHub issues to make the process more transparent. Any contributor is eligible! The deadline to nominate someone is March 29, 2022. Voting will open in April.

Nominate contributors or vote with reactions/comments for all three Jenkins awards:

The winners will be announced at cdCon 2022 on June 7.

You can also nominate Jenkins community members for global awards like "Top CDF Ambassador", "Top CDF Contributor", or "Top CDF End User"! For all CDF Community Awards and more details, visit the CDF Award Page.

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Continuous Delivery Foundation

Continuous Delivery Foundation

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