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2018 DevOps|Jenkins Community Survey Now Open

Brian Dawson
September 12, 2018
This is a guest post by Brian Dawson on behalf of CloudBees, where he works as a DevOps Evangelist responsible for developing and sharing continuous delivery and DevOps best practices. He also serves as the CloudBees Product Marketing Manager for Jenkins.

Take the 5th Annual DevOps and Jenkins Community Survey

With DevOps World | Jenkins World San Francisco right around the corner, CloudBees is excited to sponsor the 2018 DevOps and Jenkins Community Survey. We want to capture the details of your DevOps experience in order to provide valuable insights to the Jenkins Community and beyond. Our community is stronger together - and this look at our collective experience will reveal the big picture and shine a light on key trends. This year, as the Jenkins project continues to evolve with Jenkins X , Configuration as Code and more, your input is more critical than ever.

Let’s look at what we learned in 2016 and 2017:

In 2016 we found that:

  • Jenkins continued to hold the position as a company standard orchestration solution.

    • 29% of respondents companies use Jenkins on more than 50 projects

  • In regards to SCM tools, Git continued the march to dominance:

    • Git usage increased to 85%

    • Subversion usage decreased to 35%

  • When it comes to practices, Agile and CI seemed to be the standard, and CD adoption still had a ways to go:

    • 85% practiced Agile

    • 82% practiced CI

    • 61% practiced DevOps

    • 46% practiced CD

Agile, CD and DevOps practices

In 2017 respondents reported that:

  • Jenkins Pipeline gained widespread adoption with 89% of survey takers used pipeline or planned to use in 6 months or less.

  • Container technology was cemented as a key part of the CD/DevOps ecosystem, yet Kubernetes usage was just starting gain momentum at 20.15%:

Container technology usage
  • Jenkins, CD, and DevOps are getting more attention from Architects with 39% of respondents identified as Architects, nearly double the previous year

  • Git was the clear SCM of choice at 90%, increasing nearly 5% over last the previous year

What SCM do you use?

What will you and the community tell us this year? Are more people practicing DevOps? Is Kubernetes the leader in container orchestration? Is pipeline the standard for creating workflows? Take the survey and let’s find out!

As always, your personal information (name, email address and company) will NOT be used by CloudBees for sales or marketing and the survey results will be made publicly available to the Jenkins Community. We will also be publishing a blog series analyzing trends over the last 5 years and offering predictions on the evolution of DevOps. If you’re curious about what insights your input will provide, see the results of last year’s 2017 survey.

As an added incentive to participate, CloudBees will enter participants into a drawing for a free pass to DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 (1st prize, $1,199.00 value) or a $100 Amazon gift card (2nd prize)!

The survey will close at the end of October so grab a cup of coffee get started. We promise the survey will be done before your latte is.

There are laws that govern prize giveaways and eligibility; CloudBees has compiled all those fancy terms and conditions here.

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Brian Dawson

DevOps dude at CloudBees. Jenkins Marketing Manager. Tools geek.