Jenkins project congratulates all users and contributors with the New Year! Let’s take a look at some changes this year.



Some stats

In 2017 we had 60 weekly and 13 LTS releases with 305 fixes/enhancements only in the core. Next week Jenkins is going to hit the 2.100 version, and the core changed greatly since the 2.0 release in April 2016. Jenkins Security was one of the hottest areas this year, there were 7 security advisories for the core and 15 - for plugins. For comparison, in 2016 there were only 6 security releases in total.

There were 2605 plugin releases, and >215 NEW plugins have been hosted in the Update Center. In particular Jenkins ecosystem has greatly expanded into the Cloud space by offering dozens of new plugins (e.g. for Azure and Kubernetes). We also got many new plugins providing integrations with various Development and DevOps tools.

Other subprojects and Jenkins components also got major updates. For example, Jenkins Remoting got 15 releases with stability improvements. Stapler Framework also got 6 releases.

Keep updating, Jenkins 2 is not only about Pipeline as Code!


This year we got many new Jenkins Area Meetups. Currently there are 77 meetups with more than 20,000 members in total (full map). More than 100 meetups have been organized around the globe.

There were also several Jenkins-focused conferences including the following ones:

What’s next?

Next year we will have traditional contributor meeting at FOSDEM and at Jenkins World 2018. If you are interested in Jenkins, stop by at our community booths and join the contributor summits/hackathons. We also want to participate in Google Summer of Code 2018, and currently we are looking for mentors.

Stay tuned, there is much more to come next year!

About the Author
Oleg Nenashev

Jenkins core maintainer and board member. Oleg started using Hudson for Hardware/Embedded projects in 2008 and became an active Jenkins contributor in 2012. Nowadays he leads several Jenkins SIGs, outreach programs (Google Summer of Code, Hacktoberfest) and Jenkins meetups in Switzerland and Russia. Oleg works for CloudBees and focuses on key projects in the community.