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Jenkins World 2016, That's a Wrap!

Liam Newman
Liam Newman
September 30, 2016
This is a guest post by Liam Newman, Technical Evangelist at CloudBees.

Jenkins World 2016

This year’s Jenkins World conference was a huge milestone for the Jenkins project - the first global event for the Jenkins community. It brought users and contributors together to exchange ideas on the current state of the project, celebrate accomplishments of the past year, and look ahead at all the exiting enhancements coming down the pipe(line).

Contributor Summit

To kick off Jenkins World, we had a full day "Contributor Summit". Jenkins is a distributed project with contributors from all over the globe. Conferences like this are perfect time to get contributors together face-to-face, to talk through current issues and upcoming plans for the the project. Some key topics discussed during this summit were:

  • Infrastructure - In the past year, the Jenkins project has moved new domain name, a statically generated website, and has entered a partnership with Microsoft to host to host infrastructure on Azure.

  • Events - A year ago, there were five Jenkins Area Meetups, today there are 37 around the world, with ~7000 members.

  • Security - Daniel Beck has done a great job a "Security Officer" for the project over the last year. Jenkins 2 includes tighter security out of the box, 9 security alerts have been addressed, and the Security Team is continuing to evaluate threats as they are reported.

  • Pipeline - Pipeline has been a success and there many improvements on the way, including better Pipeline Library support, a UI-based Pipeline Editor, and Declarative Pipeline syntax.

  • Blue Ocean - Blue Ocean announced their "1.0 Beta" release and discussed their roadmap.

  • Storage Pluggability - One of the big upcoming goals is reducing Jenkins' dependence on local file system storage on the server system (job configuration, build logs, etc.). There was extensive discussion of how to accomplish this goal.

Contributors Summit

Keynote: The State of Jenkins 2016

The next day, Kohsuke gave a great keynote, showing how far the project as come this year and where it is headed. You can get the slides here or see the full video below.

What’s Next?

Overall, Jenkins World was a very enjoyable event. I’m sure everyone came away having learned a lot and made many new connections. I know I’m excited to see what the coming year brings for Jenkins and the Jenkins community.

Don’t forget that there are many ways to continue to build connections to the rest of the Jenkins community throughout the year, such as the Jenkins Online Meetup which hosts online events year-round. Or, see if there is a Jenkins Area Meetup (JAM) near you. If there isn’t, take a look at the Jenkins Area Meetup page to see about starting one.

Thanks, and I hope to see you all and Jenkins World 2017!

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About the author

Liam Newman

Liam Newman

Liam started his software career as a tester, which might explain why he’s such a fan of CI/CD and Pipeline as Code. He has spent the majority of his software engineering career implementing Continuous Integration systems at companies big and small. He is a Jenkins project contributor and an expert in Jenkins Pipeline, both Scripted and Declarative. Liam currently works as a Jenkins Evangelist at CloudBees. When not at work, he enjoys testing gravity by doing Aikido.