Jenkins in Google Summer of Code 2017

This is an archived page about Jenkins project participation in Google Summer of Code 2017. See the main GSoC project page of the information about other years.


In 2017 Jenkins application has not been accepted to Google Summer of Code. This page contains some information, which may be reused in the future.

Project Ideas

Plugin Conversion to Blue Ocean

One of the major initiatives in the Jenkins project is an updated interface and user experience, called Blue Ocean. Some of the popular Jenkins plugins will require conversion to the Blue Ocean plugin architecture.

Students will use modern technologies (e.g. React, NodeJS, and/or Java) to help convert the most widely used plugins to work with Blue Ocean with help from Blue Ocean core developers. We expect students to select a particular plugin (or plugins) together with potential mentors and then to come up with a list of improvements to be made.


  • Basic knowledge of the Web development area

  • Basic knowledge of Java and JavaScript programming languages

Potential mentors: Keith Zantow and other Blue Ocean team members

EDA tool integration plugin

The idea is to create a Jenkins plugin for one of the widely used Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools.

Tools from both ASIC or FPGA design flow are acceptable. We are ready to consider conditionally-free and open-source tools, which would be available to the student and his mentors.


  • Basic knowledge of the hardware engineering area

  • Basic knowledge of Java programming language

  • Hands-on experience with the selected EDA tool

  • In the case of FPGA flows it would be useful to have a prototyping board as well

Potential mentors: Martin d’Anjou, Oleg Nenashev

Support core plugin improvements

It is often difficult for plugins developers to diagnose issues and analyse the user environment.

The Support Core plugin allows users to generate a bundle to help on this but it is nowadays rarely used because it is isn’t user friendly. Various fixes and improvements may help our community a lot.

Few ideas of new features to add:


  • Basic knowledge of Jenkins (as a user)

  • Basic knowledge of Java programming language