Docker-based Jenkins quickstart examples

Goal: Provide examples, sample code, and documentation on how to start a local Jenkins instance.

Status: Selected




The project aims to simplify the use of Jenkins with Docker by creating easy-to-use Docker Compose files as suitable examples on which new documentation will be based. Weekly testing with and up-to-date documentation will be crucial, with the goal of enabling users to quickly spin up containers.


Currently the quickstart process with Jenkins using the existing Docker examples is too complex. The available documentation is also hard to understand (due to its opaqueness) making it challenging for new users to get started. We will be using Docker Compose to make it easier for beginners to pick up and for experienced users to customize.


By using Docker Compose to define and run a multi-container Docker application for Jenkins, we can simplify the entire setup process. We will use automated testing in a Jenkins pipeline running on, while using a Jenkinsfile to check the functionality of the Docker Compose files. We will also keep the documentation up to date by using Pipeline Steps documentation generator, as well as doing the appropriate updating/editing of the existing documentation Docker section. By utilizing Gitpod for quickstart, with a .gitpod.yml file that runs docker-compose commands, previews of the Jenkins instance in Gitpod can be made available quite readily.

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