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Number of Open Issues Probe

Jagruti Tiwari
Jagruti Tiwari
August 28, 2023


An alarming number of issues in a plugin may signify that the plugin is outdated, in need of a new maintainer, or in need of a complete revamp. Open issues might also mean that there are a lot of new feature requests, which in turn means the plugin has quite a number of active users. The number of open issue probe counts the number of open issues in the issue tackers.

As of now, the probe only counts open issues in GitHub and the JIRA issue tacker.

Importance of the probe

The goal of the probe is to help maintainers and contributors identify plugins they want to invest their time into. This would lead to maintainers keeping plugins updated and useful for the users.

Tasks and Challenges

During the Google Summer of Code project duration, I was intended to:

  • Figure out the correct class design.

  • Understand the Update Center and how it works.

  • Implement the GitHub and JIRA APIs.


The probe was approved and ready to be merged.


Over the course of the project, I learned about the correct usage and implementation of the abstract class. This was a more complex version of the class I was used to.


This probe will help maintainers in identifying the number of open issues a plugin has. This will also keep the plugin relevant to the latest Jenkins updates.

For more information or to find answers to any questions you might have, please visit the official GSoC 2023 project Adding Probes to "Plugin Health Score" description page.

About the author

Jagruti Tiwari

Jagruti Tiwari

Jagruti works as a Senior Project Engineer in one of the reputable firms in India. Her open-source journey started in Jan 2022. She has a strong background in Java, JavaScript, and an intermediate knowledge of Python. Jagruti’s association with Jenkins started in Hacktoberfest 2022. This year (in 2023) she has been selected in the GSoC project titled "Adding Probes to Plugin Health Score System" which is her first GSoC. She hopes to continue being involved in the community and someday help mentoring new open source enthusiasts in the near future.