Hosting Team

The Jenkins Hosting Team handles various requests related to hosting of open-source plugins and other components (forking and transferring plugins, managing permissions and update centers, etc.). There are multiple contributors involved in this activity on a regular basis.

Team Responsibilities

  • Triage and processing of new plugin Hosting requests. There is some automation around this process, but human reviews are needed too…​

    • Ensure that plugin publishing requirements are followed: naming conventions and `artifactId`s, `groupId`s, documentation, duplication of existing plugins, license compliance, etc.]

    • Check plugin compliance with security best practices and recommendations.

  • Managing plugin developer and release permissions (documentation).

  • Processing plugin adoption requests in the developer mailing list

  • Processing blacklisting and plugin tagging/doc URL requests in the Update Centers for non-security reasons.

  • Maintaining the publishing and plugin governance documentation.

Key repositories

How to contribute?

Assisting with Q&A and request reviews

A significant part of this team’s work is helping new plugin maintainers to get their plugins hosted and published. Also, we help with permission management when contributors add new developers or adopt plugins. There are a lot of channels for these topics, but all of them are public and do not require special permissions to join. We invite any interested Jenkins contributor to join the team.

How to start contributing?

  1. Subscribe to the Jenkins Developer Mailing list

  2. Subscribe to the Repository Permission Updater repository

  3. Subscribe to the Jenkins Update Center repository.

Joining the main hosting team

Members of the hosting team:

Requesting membership

If you are interested in joining the team, you can request membership in the Jenkins Developer mailing list. The request will be processed and discussed by the community, and the decision will be made based on consensus among contributors.


  • Membership in the team requires a track record of contributions to the hosting process. Assisting users with Q&A and request reviews does not require special permissions.

  • All applicants should have a signed Contributor License Agreement before they apply.

  • Applicants should register their username with NickServ on

A registered username is needed too, if you’re using matrix clients, such as element, to connect to room bridged to matrix, like jenkins-hosting. Therefore, see the starting guide.


  1. Subscribe to all channels and repositories listed in the Assisting with Q&A and request reviews section

  2. Join the #jenkins-hosting IRC channel and obtain a cloak. It will be needed for ChatOps.

  3. Request voice permission (+vV) from a channel operator in the #jenkins-hosting IRC channel to get access to the bot commands. Current channel operator(s): @timja


  • Some requests require manual changes in GitHub repositories for some requests, e.g. plugin renaming. Jenkins GitHub org admins manage such requests. Create a Jenkins Jira issue if such assistance is needed (project=INFRA, component=github)

  • Processing repo transfer requests (when maintainers want to transfer plugins instead of forking) also needs actions from Jenkins GitHub org admins.


The team has a dedicated #jenkins-hosting IRC channel on Libera Chat. To join it, follow these guidelines.


The team has no regular meetings at the moment. If needed, you can request a meeting in the developer mailing list.


  • Jenkins IRC Bot - ChatOps tool for managing the hosting and ownership requests.