Jenkins Online Meetup

Our project has a virtual meetup group for users and developers around the world. The aim of this group is to conduct regular online webinars about Jenkins. We record these meetups and publish them on our YouTube Channel. The majority of the online meetups are held in English, but we also host virtual events in other languages.

Jenkins Online Meetup logo

The meetup is managed under the umbrella of the Jenkins Advocacy and Outreach special interest group.

Areas of interest

Areas of interest for this meetup include but not limited to…​

  • Case studies and war stories from Jenkins users

  • Jenkins features and plugins: new releases, live demos, etc.

  • Integrations of 3rd party tools and services with Jenkins

  • Jenkins on classic and cloud platforms (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes or Windows)

  • Jenkins development and developer tools

  • Key public events related to the Jenkins governance


We invite everyone to present at our online meetup, any topic about Jenkins would be welcome! For applications we prefer to follow a public and informal process.

Application steps:

  1. Prepare a Google Doc with your talk title, abstract and short bio

  2. Make this Google Doc available for public view and comments

  3. Post a message on the Advocacy and Outreach SIG forum

    • Title: Online Meetup application - ${Presentation Title}

    • Message body should contain a link to the created Google Doc and a short cover letter explaining what you would like to present and what would be the preferred presentation dates

  4. Process feedback from reviewers and coordinate the meetup with them

If you are not comfortable with a public review process, please reach out to online meetup organizers using the Contact organizers form on our page .

Hosting meetups

We are ready to help meetup organizers, users and contributors who want to host virtual events about Jenkins. Jenkins Online Meetup team is ready to provide a platform for such meetups and to help with their hosting. If you are interested, please contact us using the Advocacy and Outreach SIG forum.

What do we offer?

  • Hosting of the meetup on the Zoom Webinar platform. We support up to 500 participants, multiple presenters, Q&A, online polls, and other features available in Zoom

  • Meetup hosts. We have a number of Jenkins contributors who volunteer to host the meetups if needed

  • Promotion through Jenkins resources and social media channels (, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Publishing of the recordings on the Jenkins YouTube channel

  • Anonymous feedback forms for organizers and speakers



Our page and Zoom account are sponsored by the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). We thank the CDF and all foundation members for making our online meetups possible.