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Jenkins in Hacktoberfest 2021

Mark Waite
Mark Waite
October 31, 2021

2021 10 31 hacktoberfest results 2021

Hacktoberfest 2021 made great contributions to the Jenkins project. We thank all the Hacktoberfest contributors and the maintainers who reviewed the submitted pull requests.

We received contributions in artwork, translation, documentation, security, and general purpose improvements. The contributions included software improvements, documentation updates, and video tutorials.

Translations and Artwork

Duchess France provided significant improvements to the French localization of Jenkins. The changes included new translations of text, corrections of existing translations, and file encoding fixes. The translation changes included fifteen pull requests representing the work of six different contributors.

Translation pull requests were also received for Spanish language improvements. The translation pull requests included multiple plugins in addition to Jenkins core.

A contributor from "Duchess France [Women in tech]" created the first Jenkins logo highlighting a woman. Special thanks to tatoberres for the new artwork!


Thea Mushambadze created the new Jenkins logo for Georgia logo.


Thanks very much!

Plugin Docs Migration to GitHub

The Jenkins project started the migration of plugin documentation to GitHub almost two years ago. Hacktoberfest 2021 identified 40 candidate plugins to migrate their documentation to GitHub. Dan Heath, Deepak Gupta, Avinash Upadhyaya K R, Rajan Kumar Singh, and Dheeraj Singh Jodha provided a total of 29 pull requests migrating plugin documentation to GitHub.

Special thanks to the contributors and to the plugin maintainers that merged and released documentation migration pull requests. Eight plugins have fully migrated their documentation to GitHub through Hacktoberfest contributions. An additional thirteen plugins have merged the documentation change and will complete the migration with their next plugin release.

The plugin documentation migration was coordinated through a worksheet. A tutorial video describing the documentation migration process is also available.

Implementing Content Security Policy

Wadeck Follonier provided a tutorial to prepare Jenkins for a broader implementation of Content Security Policy. Six contributors provided pull requests to Jenkins core to create separate JavaScript files from JavaScript that was previously implemented inside the Jenkins 'jelly' files. Moving JavaScript into separate files prepares Jenkins to implement Content Security Policy protections against JavaScript embedded in HTML.

Jenkins Architecture Diagrams

Angélique Jard provided architectural diagrams showing a dataflow view of Jenkins and a high level view of Jenkins. Those diagrams help others understand the internal structure of Jenkins and how it interacts with users and with other systems.

jenkins dataflow

Modernizing Plugins Video Series

Darin Pope created five videos illustrating some of the small steps that a new contributor can use to help modernize a plugin. Additional plugin modernization and adoption ideas are included in the "Contributing to Open Source" workshop from DevOps World 2021.

Modernizing Jenkins Plugins

Thanks to All

We offer our most sincere thanks to all Hacktoberfest contributors and to the many pull request reviewers.

About the author

Mark Waite

Mark Waite

Mark is a member of the Jenkins governing board, a long-time Jenkins user and contributor, a core maintainer, and maintainer of the git plugin, the git client plugin, the platform labeler plugin, the embeddable build status plugin, and several others. He is one of the authors of the "Improve a plugin" tutorial.