Hacktoberfest 2019 is over, thanks to all participants! You can check out this page for the information and archives. If you are interested to contribute to any referenced projects/issues outside of Hacktoberfest, you are welcome to do so!


Hacktoberfest is a month long celebration of open source software. It happens every year in October. During this event everyone can support open-source by contributing changes, and then earn a limited edition swag.

We invite everyone to participate and to contribute to the Jenkins project, regardless of their background and Jenkins experience. There are many ways to contribute to Jenkins during Hacktoberfest. You can work on code or documentation, contribute to localization, create new artwork, etc. You can also share your experiences with Jenkins by creating a new blogpost. Generally, any pull requests in GitHub would qualify. See the Contribute and Participate page for more information about how to contribute.

Quick start

  1. Sign-up to Hacktoberfest on the event website.

  2. Join our Gitter channel.

  3. Everything is set, just start creating pull-requests!

    • This year Hacktoberfest does not require labeling pull requests, but please mention Hacktoberfest in your pull requests so that they are reviewed quickly (see FAQ: Marking Pull requests)

Where to contribute?

The Jenkins project is spread across several organizations on GitHub (jenkinsci, jenkins-infra, jenkins-zh). You are welcome to contribute to any repository in any of those organizations, or to any other Jenkins-related repository on GitHub. However various components in Jenkins have differing review and delivery velocity. If you adopt Jenkins in your own open-source projects (e.g. Jenkins Pipeline or Configuration as Code), it counts as well!

Issue queries

We have marked some issues in Jenkins JIRA and GitHub issues which can be handled by contributors during Hacktoberfest:

If you are a newcomer contributor, we have prepared a list of projects/components where you will get a warm welcome. All these projects have newbie-friendly tasks, contributing guidelines, and active maintainers who have committed to assist contributors and to provide quick turnaround in pull requests.

Project/component Keywords Ideas and links

Jenkins Website


Extend and improve Jenkins documentation, help to improve the website’s look&feel, create a new blogpost, a technology-specific solution page or a tutorial.

Contributing guidelines, newbie-friendly issues

Jenkins Core


There is always something to improve in Jenkins core itself. You can address various issues, improve the codebase, and add new features there.

Contributing, newbie-friendly issues

Jenkins Configuration-as-Code


Contribute to the trending JCasC plugin which allows configuring Jenkins using YAML configuration files: improve the codebase, create new demos or work on plugin integrations.

Contributing to JCasC, newbie-friendly issues on GitHub, newbie-friendly issues in Jenkins JIRA

Jenkins Warnings Next Generation Plugin


Contribute to the Warnings Next Generation plugin. The plugin collects compiler warnings or issues reported by static analysis tools and visualizes the results using modern JS libraries. Create new test cases, improve the layout and responsive design, or work on open newbie-friendly issues.

Contributing, documentation, development environment, newbie-friendly issues

Gitlab integrations


Let’s make Jenkins integration with Gitlab better! We invite everyone to work on Gitlab, Gitlab API, Gitlab Branch Source and other plugins for Jenkins to add new features, fix issues and improve documentation.

Newbie-friendly issues in JIRA, GitHub issues for the Gitlab plugin

Prometheus plugin

Java, Kubernetes, Monitoring

Help to improve Jenkins monitoring with Prometheus. There are many changes which could be done, including new features and better documentation.

newbie-friendly issues

Plugin docs on GitHub


We are currently moving plugin documentation from https://wiki.jenkins.io/ to GitHub, and it is a great opportunity to create small pull requests which benefit all Jenkins users. You can move the existing documentation, improve it, or just improve the existing docs. The documentation will be also made available on the plugin site.

Template issue for plugin docs migration, GitHub support announcement

Jenkins X


Try out the project and create new demos, extend documentation, and create new builders for your toolchains.

Blogpost announcement with all links

Chinese Localization SIG


Contribute to the new Website and the Simplified Chinese Localization plugin.

Jenkins CLI written in Go


Try to supplement the documents or start from the newbie-friendly issues.

Jenkins Artwork


Create new images and logos for Jenkins area meetups, subprojects, and plugins. You can also contribute new graphics to plugins.

Jenkins Platform Labeler Plugin


Contribute to the Platform Labeler plugin. The plugin automatically labels agents by their operating system name, version, and processor architecture. Add support for additional platforms Clear Linux, Fedora Linux, Linux Mint, Scientific Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Contributing, documentation,

Experienced developers

If you are an established developer and want to create something new, please don’t let yourself to be blocked by the suggested topics! Feel free to contribute to any area of Jenkins. If you see any major functionality missing in Jenkins, we invite you to create new plugins. See the Plugin Tutorial and Hosting Plugins guidelines for more information.

Local events

Hacktoberfest is an online event, but there are many events being organized by open-source communities. You can join one of the local events. There will be also Jenkins-specific events:

  • Oct 03: Grand Opening, Online Meetup (APAC/EMEA - 7AM UTC, EMEA/Americas - 2PM UTC)

  • Oct 10: Neuchatel, Switzerland (event page)

  • Oct 16: Munich, Germany - event for students and newcomer contributors (event page)

  • Oct 21: Munich, Germany (event page)

  • Oct 25: Beijing, China (event page)

  • Oct 28: St. Petersburg, Russia (event page)

  • TBA - Hacktoberfest Results, Online Meetup

We also encourage meetup organizers and contributors to run Jenkins-specific events in October (workshops, hackergartens, hackathons, etc.). Check out our Event Kit for more info.


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