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Prototype removed from Jenkins 2.426

Basil Crow
October 9, 2023

Following up on my previous post about removing Prototype from Jenkins, Prototype has been removed from the 2.426 weekly release and will be removed from the November LTS release. This removal required changes in about 60 plugins. Use the Plugin Manager to upgrade all plugins before and after upgrading to Jenkins 2.426.

A migration of this scope would not have been possible without the support of the entire Jenkins community. In particular, we would like to thank Tim Jacomb and Rahul Somasunderam for doing a large portion of the development work. Additionally, we would like to thank the following contributors for participating in the removal of Prototype from the Jenkins project by developing, reviewing, or releasing a Prototype-related change in the jenkinsci and/or jenkins-infra GitHub organizations:

  • Adrien Lecharpentier

  • Alexander Brandes

  • Alexis Tual

  • Allan

  • Bhagyashri Sapnar

  • Bruno Kinoshita

  • Bruno Verachten

  • Carroll Chiou

  • Christopher Orr

  • Dan Alvizu

  • Daniel Beck

  • Devin Nusbaum

  • Dmitry Platonov

  • Fred G

  • Gavin McDonald

  • Go Sueyoshi

  • Ioannis Moutsatsos

  • Iurii Ignatko

  • James Nord

  • Jan Faracik

  • Jesse Glick

  • Jiri Vanek

  • Joe Hansche

  • Jose Blas Camacho Taboada

  • Josh Aguilar

  • Kanstantsin Shautsou

  • Kevin Martens

  • Kris Stern

  • Markus Winter

  • Mark Waite

  • Martin Pokorny

  • Michael Tughan

  • Oliver Gondža

  • Olivier Lamy

  • Pierre Beitz

  • Raihaan Shouhell

  • Robert Sandell

  • Roland Asmann

  • Timka Dyussyumbayev

  • Tobias Gruetzmacher

  • Ullrich Hafner

  • Victor Balakine

  • Wadeck Follonier

  • Yaroslav Afenkin

  • Zbynek Konecny

Thank you for your contributions, and I hope to see many of you again in the javax to jakarta API migration.

About the author

Basil Crow

Basil is a long-time Jenkins user and contributor, a Jenkins core maintainer, and the maintainer of the Email Extension, Timestamper, and Swarm plugins (among others). Basil enjoys working on open source software in his free time.