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DevOps World Tour 2023

Mark Waite
Mark Waite
September 6, 2023


DevOps World Tour is coming to a city near you with events in multiple locations across the US, UK, and Asia. Jenkins project contributors will be attending and presenting in each city on the tour.

Tim Jacomb - London


Tim Jacomb will be presenting in London. Tim is a lead software engineer at Kainos and has been the the Jenkins release officer since December 2020.

He led the delivery of significant improvements to Jenkins core, including user interface modernization, major internal component upgrades, and more. He automated the creation of the Jenkins changelog. He was recognized by his peers in the Jenkins project as the Most Valuable Jenkins Contributor for 2020 and 2021.

Olivier Lamy - Singapore


Olivier Lamy will be presenting in Singapore. Olivier is a Jenkins core maintainer and a maintainer of more than 80 Jenkins plugins. He’s been a Jenkins committer for more than 13 years.

He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and an active committer on multiple projects. He has served as an Apache project management committee member on multiple projects including Maven, Jetty, Tomcat, Commons, Cloudstack, Archiva, and more.

Mark Waite - New York, Chicago, Santa Clara


Mark Waite will be presenting in New York, Chicago, and Santa Clara.
Mark is a member of the Jenkins board, a Jenkins core maintainer, and the maintainer of the Jenkins git plugin and a number of other plugins.

He served as Jenkins documentation officer in the past and was one of the creators of the "Improve a plugin" tutorial. Mark is involved in many Jenkins efforts, including Google Summer of Code. user experience, documentation, and platform special interest groups.

Let’s talk about Jenkins

Each of the conferences will include a wide range of speakers in a single day of presentations. After the day of presentations, we’ll host a "Let’s talk about Jenkins" session. Conference attendees are invited to join us as we discuss Jenkins, listen to users, and identify ways that Jenkins can help users succeed.

Register for the DevOps World Tour near you at the conference website. Jenkins users and contributors are invited to use the DW23JENKINS discount code. See you at the conference!

About the author

Mark Waite

Mark Waite

Mark is a member of the Jenkins governing board, a long-time Jenkins user and contributor, a core maintainer, and maintainer of the git plugin, the git client plugin, the platform labeler plugin, the embeddable build status plugin, and several others. He is one of the authors of the "Improve a plugin" tutorial.