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Naively Building Android Apps with Jenkins. Not Natively, Naively. - DevOps World 2022

Bruno Verachten
Bruno Verachten
August 1, 2022
This is a speaker blogpost for a DevOps World 2022 talk in Orlando, Florida

Come join me at DevOps World 2022 for "Naively Building Android Apps with Jenkins. Not Natively, Naively.", a talk about my journey with Jenkins while trying to build and publish Android applications without prior Jenkins knowledge.

I’ve been tinkering with various CI/CD tools for years (Gitlab CI, Circle CI, Travis CI, Shippable, Github Actions, …​) but not with Jenkins for whatever reason.

I’ve been supporting since 2014 mobile application developers through the use of gitlab-ci.

For DevOpsWorld 2022, I’ve been given a challenge: what if I tried to replicate that well oiled gitlab-centric machinery that I had built for years this time with Jenkins? At least…​ Could I mimic a subset of the functionality of my previous work without knowing anything about Jenkins?

To spice things up a bit, I might as well refrain from looking at what has already been done elsewhere; thus, I may end up with a shaky solution, or even a functional system that can be replicated at will.

Topics will include:

  • What does one need to build an Android application?

  • When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail (an ode to containerization)

  • Credentials and authentication

  • From Docker to the Cloud?

  • Quality Assurance, Tests, and Deployment

This is not a definitive guide to build an Android application with Jenkins, more like a roadmap to my journey with Jenkins…​ with takeaways from my experience.

Come join me for the presentation in Orlando!

About the author

Bruno Verachten

Bruno Verachten

Bruno is a father of two, husband of one, geek in denial, beekeeper, permie and a Developer Relations for the Jenkins project. He’s been tinkering with continuous integration and continuous deployment since 2013, with various products/tools/platforms (Gitlab CI, Circle CI, Travis CI, Shippable, Github Actions, …​), mostly for mobile and embedded development.
He’s passionate about embedded platforms, the ARM&RISC-V ecosystems, and Edge Computing. His main goal is to add FOSS projects and platforms to the ARM&RISC-V architectures, so that they become as boring as X86_64.
He is also the creator of miniJen, the smallest multi-cpu architectures Jenkins instance known to mankind.