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Let the (GSoC) coding start !

Jean-Marc Meessen
Jean-Marc Meessen
June 13, 2022

Jenkins GSoC

The GSoC community bonding period just finished.

The four Jenkins GSoC projects are now ready. Contact between contributors and mentors is established. Regular communication channels are setup (weekly project meetings and dedicated chat). Links to the project plans and plannings drafts are published on the project pages.

Next step, the actual coding!

Together with their mentors, Dheeraj, Ymming, Hrushikesh, and Vihaan will work the whole summer on their respective projects.

End July, we will perform a public progress review. During an online meetup, the GSoC contributors will present their project. They will be invited to share what has been done to date. And why not, make a first preliminary demo. This is an opportunity for the community to comment, advise and become more involved with the project.

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