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Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees is here!

Arnaud Héritier
Arnaud Héritier
November 22, 2019

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Managing any software presents its own unique challenges. Jenkins controllers are no exception. For example,

  • How do you keep a finger on the pulse of everything going on in your Jenkins environment? Are you looking at every new defect opened in the issue tracker?

  • How do you make sure that your controllers or agents don’t silently fail? Are you monitoring its logs? All of its internal components? If something does go wrong, how do you fix it??

  • How do you avoid the infamous “angry Jenkins” logo?

That’s why we created Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees.

Here at CloudBees, we have years of experience supporting our customers who are using Jenkins, including our proprietary products build on top of Jenkins like CloudBees Core. As a result, our support team is made up of automation experts with Jenkins knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.

Automated health checks started when our support engineers created a platform so they could write rules to detect known issues on support bundles provided by our customers, and redirect them to the required knowledge source to diagnose and resolve the issue.

After years of internal usage we decided to share this service with the community and we are pleased to introduce a new free (as in beer) service available to every Jenkins user: Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees.

Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees automatically analyzes your Jenkins environment, proactively identifies potential issues and advises you of solutions with detailed email reports.

Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees logo

Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees can detect a large range of issues from simple configuration issues to security and best practices concerns - all critical elements of Jenkins implementations. Getting started is done in 3 steps, and within 24 hours you will receive your first report.

Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees overview

We hope that you will appreciate this service and it will help you to keep your controllers healthy.

Take a few minutes to read our documentation, discover the service and don’t hesitate to contact us on the Jenkins community channels (Gitter,, …​).

Don’t miss also the opportunity to meet our support team on the "Ask the experts" booth at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019.

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About the author

Arnaud Héritier

Arnaud Héritier

Specialised in software development and process automation, he has been contributing for many years to various open source projects such as Jenkins, Apache Maven and to various communities around Java and DevOps. Member of Les Cast Codeurs podcast (a french podcast dedicated to IT in general and Java ecosystem), he regularly speaks at various conferences, users groups and participates in the organisation of Devoxx France.

In 2015, he joined CloudBees, Inc., where he is now managing the Support Tooling development activity.