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DevOps World | Jenkins World San Francisco in Living Colors

Alyssa Tong
Alyssa Tong
November 1, 2019

DevOps World | Jenkins World San Francisco was August 12 - 15, 2019. The event was delivered in vivid colors starting with flowing banners hung from street lamp posts to the big screens in breakout rooms, to the expo hall. The energy and enthusiasm in the Moscone convention center made the colors even more vibrant, thanks to the people attending the conference.

Here’s a recap of the conference in pictures:

DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 - San Francisco

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Keynote - Evolution of the Continuous Delivery Foundation

Tracy Miranda opened the keynote explaining the evolution of the Continuous Delivery Foundation.

Keynote - Evolution of the Continuous Delivery Foundation

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Influencers, Creators, and Members

The influencers, creators, and members of the CD Foundation: Tracy Miranda (far left), Andy Glover (Netflix), Tara Hernandez (Google), Chris Aniszczyk (Linux Foundation), Dave Stanke (Google), Kohsuke Kawaguchi (Jenkins creator), Jayne Groll (DevOps Institute), James Strachan (Jenkins X creator). “We want to help set Jenkins up for success, into the next decade”, Tyler Croy (not in picture).

Influencers, Creators, and Members of the Continuous Delivery Foundation

1D5 1310

Contributor Summit

The inaugural Continuous Delivery Foundation Contributor Summit and it was a full house!

Continuous Delivery Foudnation Contributor Summit

IMG 8264

15 Years of Jenkins

A remarkable milestone for the Jenkins project, a celebration of Jenkins turning 15…​cake included!

Fifteen Years of Jenkins

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Bee Diverse Luncheon

Interactive and engaging luncheon celebrating diversity

Bee Diverse Luncheon Entrance

1D5 5576

Bee Diverse Luncheon Leading Voices

1D5 5606

Bee Diverse Luncheon Group Discussions

1D5 5682

Jenkins Contributors and Experts

Jenkins contributors and experts on hand to educate and share lightning talks and provide one on one Jenkins support.

Jenkins Lightning Talks

1D5 3207

Jenkins Experts Answering Questions

1D5 2953

Jenkins Experts Discussing and Helping

IMG 8278

Jenkins Experts Gathered

1D5 3573

DevOps Superheroes

Even though the conference offered endless learning and networking possibilities, and major milestones worth celebrating, I felt the true highlight of the conference was the celebration of each individual, “You”. “You” are the super hero, the driving force behind the incredible innovations to advance technology to where it is today. Here’s celebrating the super heroes in all of YOU!

DevOps Superheroes

1D5 2286

Superheroes and the Wookie

1D5 1643

Four Superheroes

1D5 2949

Kohsuke Kawaguchi - Founding Superhero

1D5 3034

A DevOps League of Superheroes

1D5 4067

Crowd of Superheroes

1D5 4243

This party will be coming to Lisbon, Portugal on December 3-5, 2019. We hope to see our EU Jenkins fans at DevOps World | Jenkins World Lisbon. Use JWFOSS for a 30% discount off your pass.

Hope to see you in Lisbon!

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Alyssa Tong

Alyssa Tong

Member of the Jenkins Advocacy and Outreach SIG. Alyssa drives and manages Jenkins participation in community events and conferences like FOSDEM, SCaLE, cdCON, and KubeCon. She is also responsible for Marketing & Community Programs at CloudBees, Inc.