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Jenkins & Java 10+ Online Hackathon (Jun 18-22)

Oleg Nenashev
Oleg Nenashev
June 8, 2018

Jenkins Java

On behalf of the Jenkins Events Team, I would like to invite you to the “Jenkins & Java 10 Online Hackathon” which will take place from June 18th to 22nd. We will be working together on Jenkins core and plugins in order to find and fix compatibility issues, share experiences and have some fun. Everybody is welcome to join, independently of their Jenkins experience and amount of time they have available.

If you are interested in participating in the hackathon, please sign-up in this form.


Java 9 has recently been end-of-lifed, Java 10 is in GA, and Java 11 is in early beta. Jenkins project currently requires Java 8 to run reliably, and there are some known compatibility issues with higher Java versions.

During the Jenkins World 2017 Hackathon, Mark Waite and Baptiste Mathus spent some time exploring Java 9 compatibility in Jenkins. We are currently tracking compatibility issues in the JENKINS-40689 EPIC, but there are likely many unknown issues in Jenkins core, plugins and in libraries we use in the project. We would like to continue their effort and work on Java 10+ support.

Objectives and Scope

As I have said above, the goals are to explore/fix compatibility issues, share experiences and have fun. We DO NOT plan to make Jenkins fully compatible with Java 10+ during the hackathon, but we will try to integrate fixes and make them available.

Since the announcement of the Hackathon in the mailing list, we have got a number of registrations from contributors working on several project areas. We will split our work to several areas:

  • Jenkins core and Remoting

  • Pipeline Engine

  • Plugins (e.g. Git plugin or any plugin you want to work on)

  • Exploratory testing for Java 10 and beyond

In order to organize the effort, we have created a java10_hackathon label in Jenkins JIRA. If you are interested in particular tasks, please assign them to yourself and add the label.


Currently the event is in the planning stage. We will be using the Developer mailing list for synchronization before the event.

What will we have?

We also want to prepare some special swag for active participants. If you have reached this part of the blogpost, you have probably seen the logo ;)

About the author

Oleg Nenashev

Oleg Nenashev

Jenkins core maintainer and board member, open source software and open hardware advocate, TOC member in the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Oleg started using Hudson for Hardware/Embedded projects in 2008 and became an active Jenkins contributor in 2012. He maintains Jenkinsfile Runner, contributes to several Jenkins SIGs and outreach programs (Google Summer of Code, Hacktoberfest) and organizes Jenkins meetups in Switzerland and online. Oleg works on the WireMock project and WireMock Cloud community at WireMock Inc.