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Jenkins is accepted to Google Summer Of Code 2018, join us!

Oleg Nenashev
Oleg Nenashev
February 19, 2018

Jenkins GSoC

We are happy to announce that Jenkins project has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2018. This year we invite students and mentors to join the Jenkins community and work together on various initiatives: core, plugins, development tools and infrastructure.

Our mentors have already created some project ideas. For example, you are welcome to work on the new Configuration-as-Code initiative or to help creating standard API for Code Coverage plugins. If you like test automation, there is a proposal to Jenkins Acceptance Test Harness. Over the next weeks we plan to extend this list by new even more project ideas.

All information about the Jenkins GSoC is available on its subproject page.

I am a student. How do I apply?

See Information for students for application guidelines.

First step is to join discussions in the mailing lists in order to introduce yourself, establish connections with the community and potential mentors. The application period starts on March 12 and ends on March 27, but don’t let it misguide you! Use time before application to discuss project ideas/proposals with mentors and to process their feedback. To create a better proposal, we also recommend to study Jenkins and to do some contributions in the area of your project proposal.

Not satisfied by the current project ideas? You can propose your own idea in the developer mailing list.

I want to be a mentor. Is it too late?

It’s not! If you are passionate about open-source and Jenkins, we invite you to join the mentors team. You can either propose a new project idea or join an existing one. See Call for Mentors and Information for mentors for details.

This year mentorship does NOT require strong expertise in Jenkins development. The objective is to guide students and to get involved into the Jenkins community. GSoC org admins will help to find advisers if special expertise is required.

Important dates

  • Mar 05 - deadline for new GSoC project idea proposals

  • Mar 12 - student application period starts

  • Mar 27 - deadline for student applications

  • Apr 23 - accepted projects announced, community bonding starts

  • May 14 - coding period starts

  • Aug 06 - end of the coding period

See the GSoC Timeline for more info. In the Jenkins project we will also organize special events during and after GSoC (e.g. at Jenkins world).

P.S: I am going to create a special GSoC 2018 edition of swags for mentors and students. Do not miss them ;)

About the author

Oleg Nenashev

Oleg Nenashev

Jenkins core maintainer and board member, open source software and open hardware advocate, TOC member in the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Oleg started using Hudson for Hardware/Embedded projects in 2008 and became an active Jenkins contributor in 2012. He maintains Jenkinsfile Runner, contributes to several Jenkins SIGs and outreach programs (Google Summer of Code, Hacktoberfest) and organizes Jenkins meetups in Switzerland and online. Oleg works on the WireMock project and WireMock Cloud community at WireMock Inc.