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Winners of Docker Global Hack Day #3 are...

Hannah Inman
October 2, 2015


Over 2,000 members of the Docker community attended Docker Hack Day events around the world. One of the forty-two Docker Hacks has some familiar names attached…​

Nicolas De Loof and Yoann Dubreuil from Docker Rennes, who are also active in our community, waved the Jenkins flag in this event and produced Jenkins docker agents plugin.

This plugin lets you run builds inside containers, and in that sense it’s similar to the Docker plugin and the Docker custom build environment plugin. But internally it uses a quite interesting approach.

This fresh new implementation relies on a set of docker containers (aka ‘pod’) to setup a build executor, letting development team customize the build environment for their need without any constraint or prerequisite, and relying on docker containers to host test resources.

This project won the 3rd place in the Freestyle category of Docker Hack Day. Congratulations to Nicolas and Yoann on their win! Jenkins + Docker is a winning pair and this plugin will make a huge difference in your projects.

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