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JUC speaker sneakpeak: A build ecosystem for loosely compiled code

Lisa Wells
June 11, 2014

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We’re getting excited about the Boston and Berlin JUC’s in the next two weeks! Here’s a preview of Forest Handford’s upcoming JUC-US East Lightning Talk on June 18…​
When MEDITECH migrated to Subversion from a home-grown first generation version control system we needed a way to get the code compiled and sent to the running server. We selected Jenkins as our build server, with the hope of eventually using it for CI.
A MEDITECH application consists of hundreds of source files. Each source file translates to an object code file that the interpreter executes. This is one of the last major projects I worked on prior to leaving MEDITECH to work at Carbonite. In my Lightning Talk, "A Build Eco-System for Loosely Compiled Code," I’ll discuss the toughest challenges my team had in getting Jenkins to work as our build server and how we eventually overcame them.
Staff from both Carbonite and MEDITECH will be in attendance. Both companies are hiring!
You’ll find more great talks in the full JUC-US East agenda and the JUC-Europe agenda.

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